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Daniel X is the experimental creation of the artist Daniel Kimbrough.I am a self taught artist and musician who is a well known for my affiliation with The world renowned Museum The Menil Collection Museum.As a surrealist my work was represented by The Menil Collection for 10 years making me the longest local artist represented by the collection.I was named artist of the year by the collection in 2008.My work as a painter lead me into music composition as a vehicle to greater express myself thru the medium of sound thus creating a submersion effect for the viewers and patrons of my work.Presently I have been focusing entirely on music composition and 3D and CG animation.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Orleans Art Discovery on Royal Street

On a recent trip to New Orleans my niece and I where leisurely strolling through the French Quarter when we stumbled upon a treasure trove of rare gems tucked away in a small quaint gallery on Royal Street!Being an artist myself sometimes its hard for me when I make eye contact with a painting to just let myself relax and enjoy the image,that is why to my surprise this was not the case when I first encountered the Tanner pieces at Tanner Gallery located at 830 Royal Street.To my utter shock these pieces were perfection!Not usually a fan of trees as a subject matter Mr Tanner's work left me speechless.The compositions of trees being observed from a back lit perspective were truly magnificent and simple all in one foul swoop.The colors varied from canvas to canvas some in intense blues,others in vibrant oranges,ripe reds,and shocking yellows,but with one under lying masterful consistency of extreme perfection.As I gazed into the paintings I felt a strange calm as I became a silent observer of Mr.Tanner's personal interpretations of nature.Feeling as if I had become an interloper,stumbling onto a secret hidden vista,time and space became non existent,as i peered into the small pieces of delight.After doing my research I was even more amazed to find that Mr.Tanner was the polite individual that welcomed us during our visit to the gallery.So if you find yourself  in New Orleans I highly recommend a visit to Tanner Gallery at 830 Royal Street,you will be so glad you did.Here is a link to thier online gallery.http://www.hauntingart.com/Haunting_Art/Welcome.html

Nanoblur Rocks Hard!

Have any of you guys heard of the new product called Nanoblur?Well if you haven't than you are about to here some really good things about it from me!First off what is Nanoblur?Nanoblur is a new skin care product that is toted to give your skin a better appearance specifically used for high definition television!Because of the new high def skin flaws are not easily camouflaged leaving anyone who works on television wide open to have all there flaws displayed in high def!Enter Nanoblur,a new product composed of millions of prisms contained in the liquid that when applied to the skin creates a more uniform even appearance!First off I loved this product !!!!!!In 40 seconds it reduced the appearance of pores on my nose and cheeks by 60%!I was truly amazed!I proceeded to wear on an outing to visit family and two of my relatives noticed a difference in my skin immediately!I was thrilled!After seeing many bad reviews on youtube I was so glad I tried the product for myself.I note here that I do not wear make up on a daily basis so my results my vary in comparison to someone who does!I did try mineral powder with it and it seems to take a very small amount with the Nanoblur to get the same look without the Nanoblur,so if you do wear make up use a very light hand for a little goes a long way!Me personally I give this product 10 thumbs up for poor reduction!!!!I have never seen any product work like this one!Although the claim by the company says it makes you look 10 years younger in 40 seconds was total bull,I would swallow that bull any day to have my pores reduced as much as Nanoblur did!!!!!Try it and see for yourself and be your own judge,I think you will be quite surprised.Here is the link if your interested in this product.    http://www.indeedlabs.com/nanoblur/

Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey you guys,welcome to my blog!Glad you found me.In the coming days this blog will cover everything from new products i have tested,hair news,art updates,new music,and basically anything my wondering ADHD brain comes up with which can be quite random,informative, and hopefully interesting to the the reader.If there are any questions concerning art, hair, or music you would like for me to address please feel free to leave a commit and I will do my best to answer you request!Here is to a bright new shiny future in digital.Cheers!