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Daniel X is the experimental creation of the artist Daniel Kimbrough.I am a self taught artist and musician who is a well known for my affiliation with The world renowned Museum The Menil Collection Museum.As a surrealist my work was represented by The Menil Collection for 10 years making me the longest local artist represented by the collection.I was named artist of the year by the collection in 2008.My work as a painter lead me into music composition as a vehicle to greater express myself thru the medium of sound thus creating a submersion effect for the viewers and patrons of my work.Presently I have been focusing entirely on music composition and 3D and CG animation.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"ALIEN2048" A Labor Of Love And Dedication

 On April 15th,2013 I began a 7 month journey to create my first animated short film called "ALIEN2048"with zero capital,little knowledge of animation, a haunting song I created, and a ton of ambition.
  I had no idea of a concept other than the theme of the song. I wrote "ALIEN2048"(the song) a few years back and it has always been very dear to me for it is about how alienated I feel from society on a whole. In an age where we are more connected than we have ever been I was noticing  how isolated I had become from the rest of the world, so it was quite important to me to do something that would help me reattach myself to society but at the same time create a barrier between the viewer and I since this was such a personal subject matter. This need is where the idea of creating myself as an animated character came from. I began researching software program after software program and finally chose six different programs of which I learned each one in about one week(a 90 degree learning curve).
 Than the rigorous task of creation took over, usually I would spend 12 to 16 hours each day working on "ALIEN2048" trying to create perfection for it's future viewers. At times I thought for sure I might go mad, other times I was filled with pride for my work, and than still there were days that would just end in nothing but tears out of complete frustration.
  I now understand why a one person animation studio is mostly unheard of for it is almost impossible for one person to create and do all the many requirements that it takes to make one animated short film. When you watch "ALIEN2048"I hope that the you the viewer realize that this was mostly created by the hands of one artist with a single vision and not by a staff of fifteen hundred artist, thus truly making "ALIEN2048"a labor of love and dedication.
  In conclusion I now realize the hours of design and animation were nothing in comparison to the daunting task I now face of trying to figure out how to get viewers to take 6 minutes and 40 seconds out of their busy lives to actually watch it. In a world so infiltrated with such incredible media made by large animation studios I think it will most likely be overlooked or pale in comparison, but this will not stop me from dreaming and doing because this is why I was created .

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